Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why DominoPower has broadened its news coverage


By David Gewirtz

A few weeks ago, reader Joe Decker sent us a note. In it, he asked:

It appears that over the last few weeks, the DominoPower website has gone from a strictly Domino news type of site to an all IT news site with little to no news articles related to Domino. Can you provide an explanation?

As it turns out, Joe, I can. We've made a strategic change in our news coverage that reflects Lotus' strategic change, as we saw at this year's Lotusphere.

To be specific, we don't cover "all IT", but we've added a lot more of social business and unified communications coverage, which is where Lotus is focusing. Sadly (or perhaps, excitingly), there's a lot more social business and unified communication news out there than Domino-specific news. We scour the news each day, and there's just not as much Domino stuff.

As some other readers have noted, we're also covering news items related to the loyal opposition, those guys up there in Redmond. That's because we think it's important for you to be aware of the entire spectrum of solutions in the areas you work.

It's also one of the biggest benefits of being the oldest, continuously-running independent news source on Lotus and Domino: we're independent and so our only constituency is you, the reader.

In terms of count, we're actually doing almost as much Domino-specific coverage as we ever were, but we're adding a lot more coverage of the social business terrain. Instead of 2-3 Domino-only news items a day, we're selecting 10-20 interesting ones, of which 2-3 are still Domino-related. We're even grabbing a few international ones for our international friends out there. That's an experiment; we'll see how popular that turns out to be.

Here's some good future-proofing advice for Lotus professionals. Become familiar with social business, become familiar with unified communications. Keep your Domino-specific chops up, but you'll need to expand to continue succeeding.