Wednesday, June 1, 2005

What do you want to know about ND7?


By David Gewirtz

This week, we're doing this a little different. Normally, we publish great tips and articles about how to use Notes, Domino, and the other Lotus technology. Usually, the information flow is from us to you.

This week, we need you to talk to us.

That's because we've been working with IBM's product management team on a special, exclusive ND7 interview. They've agreed to answer a whole bunch of your deep, probing, tough questions about ND7.

So, this week, we need you to send us your questions. The timing is tight -- I need them sent in no later than this Friday, June 10, so we can select the most representative and send them over to IBM. Hopefully, we'll be able to publish the full interview in early July.

To have your question considered, it must be in the form of a single sentence. You also must send it to with "DOMINOPOWER INTERVIEW QUESTION" in the subject. Please make sure you get that subject right, so our filters will know your message is meant to make it through.

You can send in as many questions as you want. Obviously, we can't guarantee which questions get answered, but we're going to try to get as many as possible. And, unless a whole bunch of you ask the same question, we're going to do our best to make sure we publish your name with your question, so you'll have your chance for that fifteen minutes of glorious fame!

While we're on the topic of you talking to us, you're also welcome to send us some of your thoughts on ND7. If I get enough (constructive) thoughts and comments on the upcoming release, I'll put them together in an article, again, hopefully in July. If you want to send in some thoughts, insights, ideas, experiences, or concerns about ND7, send them to with "DOMINOPOWER ND7 THOUGHTS" as the subject.

There ya go. This week, you get to talk to us. I'm always excited to hear what you've got to say. Next week, we'll be back with an article by Senior Technical Editor Mick Moignard on why Microsoft Word is the root of all IT evil.