Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Using PHP with Domino applications


By Joe Dolittle

Reader Agnes Timothea asks:

Is it possible to use PHP with my Domino applications? I found some very slick PHP classes and I'd hate to have to reinvent the wheel and try to write it all directly in Domino.

Wow, that one had us stumped for quite some time. I even went and asked Dave, who's been reprogramming many of the ZATZ sites in PHP.

As far as we've been able to tell, you can't run PHP natively inside the Domino environment. But because the Web works dynamically, it is possible to integrate PHP requests with Domino requests.

We found a very old post, dating back to 2002, that described how to integrate Domino with Apache and PHP. Essentially, you use Apache to respond to all Web requests, have mod_rewrite look for the .NSF extension, and pass those along to Domino.

Although it's ancient, this post by Marcin Szczepanski is probably worth a read -- and it's the best answer we've found yet to this question.