Friday, October 1, 2010

Using Facebook and Twitter with Notes and Domino


By Joe Dolittle

We seem to be attracting a lot of interop questions here in the Lotus Q&A column for DominoPower. This time, we've got a letter from reader Sari Cahya, who asks:

First, management told us we were to completely stop looking at Facebook and Twitter. Then, three weeks later, they got a whole social networking bug up their bums and insisted we implement something on our servers.
Now what?

It's always fun when management has a Dilbert moment, but we also always feel for the IT people on the ground who have to deal with the problem.

As it turns out, we ran a short news item on this very topic about a year ago.

According to the IBM blog, you can now download Facebook and Twitter (and, yes, MySpace, too if you possibly care) straight to your server, install them, and be up and running in less time than it takes to tweet about the last food item you injested.

Good luck, and enjoy!