Monday, August 1, 2011

Using eProductivity Essentials with Lotus Notes


By Mick Moignard

Once you've done all of that, you get the application open at the Inbox view. You'll see a set of GTD contexts down the left side, a pre-populated inbox in the centre, and some email folders at the right. In the inbox itself are a bunch of emails, which form quite a neat tutorial that takes you through the core functions.

However, in the free version, you'll find that you can't actually follow through the actions specified, because there are already more than 25 open actions in the sample data in the database. But you can read them, and get a feel for the thing. Figure A shows you this startup screen.


Sample actions for your database. (click for larger image)

Eric Mack has pointed out to us that this issue arose for us because we'd previously installed a version of eProductivity. Anyone who installs Essentials for the first time will get the Professional version functionality for the first 21 days, after which it drops down to the Essentials version. When that happens, you'll still need to delete all the sample data to get back under the 25 open action limit.

Clear out the sample database (mostly)

Once you've read over these items, scanned the contexts and folders, and maybe also saved or printed the tutorial PDF that you'll find in the How to Use this Tutorial document (second document in the view), I suggest that you clear it all out, by doing the following:

  • Go to the email/All documents view, and delete everything there
  • Delete all the folders on the right pane, all those that are below the "Link to Action" entry
  • Go to the Calendar. Select the All Calendar Entries tab, set it to Summarize mode under Formatting so that all the entries are in a list, and delete them all.
  • Go to All By Context on the right pane, and delete everything there too.
  • Then go to the Trash folder and Empty it.

I was left with eight documents in the database, according to the database properties, but with no way to delete them that I could see from the database UI. So I ignored them.

You should now have space for the 25 open actions that are available in the free version.

Create projects and actions

Once you've done all that, you're ready to create projects and actions. You can also use eProductivity to send email, though because this isn't the integrated version, you won't get incoming email appear in it. You can get around that by importing emails into this stand-alone version to be able to create projects and actions from them. You do that from the inbox view via the eProductivity/Import email action. Note that you can only import from your mail file inbox, and not from other folders or views in your real Notes mail file.