Friday, September 1, 2000

School days and the back room maze


In September's edition of Letters to the Editor, you'll find a Spanish student needing help with his final thesis and some suggestions on improvements we can make to our archives and forums.

Help needed with thesis

I am a Spanish student at the University of Salamanca. I am studying business administration with a major in new technologies and computer science. Right now I am beginning my final thesis about the applicability of Lotus Notes to the new trends in Knowledge Management. To focus my research, I will describe the current industry of the HRMS tools in Europe that use technology based on Lotus Notes: structure, volume, trends, etc.

I know about your magazine because I used it several times during my studies all these years, and I know about your knowledge and expertise. That is why I decided to write you. It would very valuable for me to begin in the correct way if you could tell me the main companies operating in this sector in Europe. Any name, reference or data would be very helpful.

Thank you very much!!
Carlos de Arriba S