Sunday, December 1, 2002

Movie review Web site gets four stars


By Steve Niles

The choice for this month's DominoPower Site of the Month was inspired by the thrilling holiday movie season, when Hollywood unveils its line of Oscar contenders. To find out how do the movies really rate, turn to

The site was recommended to me by reader Michael Sobczak. He noticed that, devoted to film reviews and commentary, is powered by Domino. You can find it at It's pictured in Figure A.


The site is powered by Domino. (click for larger image)

I love these kinds of sites anyway, so to see one powered by Domino was especially cool. The site was founded by Christopher Null in 1995 as The Movie Emporium. Today, has more than 3,200 movie reviews and feature stories contributed by over 20 critics nationwide. The site also features big name celebrity interviews.

Besides major studio movies, also reviews independent films, provided they're listed on the Internet Movie Database (at and are at least available for sale on (at

A lot of movie review Web sites I visit get overwhelmed with extras, but really boils it down to what you're looking for: plainspoken, entertaining movie criticism. The Domino design keeps the layout simple and easy to navigate without overwhelming you with a lot of graphics and distracting colors. If you'd like to see a well-designed Domino Web site, or if you're looking for another opinion on the latest Star Trek movie, check out