Tuesday, January 1, 2002

More wireless alternatives for taking Notes on-the-go


By Dan Velasco

Having been directed to implement a wireless solution using Domino Everyplace Access and a BlackBerry device, I found it more difficult than first anticipated. I described my experiences in the November 2001 issue of DominoPower at http://www.dominopower.com/issues/issue200111/seeking001.html.

After being frustrated by not being able to get Domino Everyplace working correctly, I started investigating other companies that provide or will soon provide wireless connectivity to Lotus Notes mail and calendar information. I shared my initial results with you at http://www.dominopower.com/issues/issue200112/seeking1201001.html. Here are a few additional software alternatives that I may investigate further.

Intellisync Anywhere (Pumatech)

Pumatech has been a long-standing leader in the field of synchronizing Palm handhelds to critical enterprise data. Below is what Pumatech says about their Intellisync Anywhere (at http://www.pumatech.com/Intellisync_Anywhere_DominoR5.html) enterprise solution on their Web site:

Intellisync Anywhere allows access to synchronized data remotely from any WAP phone or HTML browser. Whether your users are on the road, down the hall, or at their desks, they can synchronize email, calendars, and tasks between Lotus Domino and their handheld devices. Or, users can go online to view that data from their desktop or mobile device. The software also allows for mobile notifications to pagers and SMS-capable cell phones whenever a user receives a new e-mail from pre-specified individuals or has new calendar items added.

Pylon PIM Server (AvantGo)

AvantGo's Pylon PIM Server (at http://avantgo.com/products/businesses/workforce/productivity/pylon/pylon_pim_server.html) allows wired and wireless synchronization between Lotus Domino servers and Palm OS or Pocket PC devices. It works with the native applications on the Palm handheld or Pocket PC device, and also offers on-device configuration. Here's what the AvantGo Web site has to say about the Pylon PIM Server:

Providing wireless access and central administration, Pylon PIM Server requires minimal configuration, no additional hardware or software, and no training for administrators or developers. Pylon PIM Server leverages your existing Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes directory and security model.

WirelessMail for Notes (MartinScott Consulting)

MartinScott Consulting (at http://www.martinscott.com) offers a forwarding solution for wirelessly receiving Notes mail on your mobile device. This might be an ideal solution for you, especially if only need this capability for a few users and/or are on a budget. The cost is a one-time price of $49 per user and you can download a free 60-day evaluation. Here's what the MartinScott site has to say about WirelessMail: