Thursday, May 1, 2008

Managing your From address(es) in Notes


By Doug Robinson

One of the differences people sometimes complain about between Lotus Notes and traditional POP3/IMAP clients such as Outlook or Eudora is that it is not as easy to manage or change your "From" address.

As IBM continues its push into the SMB market where individual users more often wear many hats -- and perhaps use a few different email addresses to go with them -- the need to be able to send from multiple addresses continues to grow.

Or maybe you're even having difficulty getting your one email address to display properly on outbound mails. Either way you're in luck-- the ability to take direct control of your "From" address is built-in, and I'll show you how you can configure your Notes client to easily define and switch among your email addresses.

How to do it

First, you'll want to open your local names.nsf. Just select Database -> Open from the File menu. Or, for Notes 8 users, select File -> Open -> Lotus Notes Application.

Type in names.nsf in the bottom File Name text field, and then hit Enter or click the Open button to open it. Expand the Advanced folder from the left-side view list (this will open to a separate tab in Notes 8) and then select Locations. You should now see all your locations, likely the Notes defaults of a couple variations on office, home, and island.

Now we'll first configure the location for your primary email address. Choose the location doc that matches up with your current location (which you will see in the lower right-hand corner of your screen) and double-click to open it.

Click the edit location button or double-click on the body of the form to put it into edit mode. The first thing you will need to check is the Internet mail address, which can be found on the basics tab. This should be set to whatever user\ is your primary email. For ease of use, I recommend you also set the location name to the same, directly above it on the same tab, as shown in Figure A.


The Location name is identical to the Internet mail address, making it easy to identify. (click for larger image)

The next step is the part that actually makes the location doc override any email address that the server might supply, so it's the most important.

Select the Administration tab of the location doc and you will see two fields: Owner and Administrators. Both need to be set to the full Notes user name of the active ID. If you are unsure what the full Notes name is -- and it does need to be exact -- the easiest way to find out is to select Security -> User Security from the File menu.

After you enter your password, Notes will display your basic security information in a Who You Are section with the full Notes name as the very first item. as shown in Figure B.