Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lotusphere 2012: Notes, Domino, and Project Vulcan convergence

The idea here being that you can deal with things from your mail directly from them, without having to find and start and other applications and without having a separate login into it. iNotes will also support the OpenSocial container, which means that anything that the Notes client can do in this area, so can iNotes.

To go with the OpenSocial components in Notes and iNotes will be the ability to use XPages to create OpenSocial gadgets, with a wrapper functionality so that you can create gadgets yourself easily and simply for access to your own company applications and processes.

Following on from the XPage extension sets we've already seen in the Extension library and mobile addins, the Social Edition will add new data sources for XML and JSON REST services, which will allow access to Connections and also support access to the Activity Stream content. These XPage-based OpenSocial gadgets can, of course, also be used in Connections, so that you can start to use Connections as a delivery mechanism for Domino applications -- just as the OpenSocial container in the Notes and iNotes client can be used to get at Connections applications and content.

See how that Project Vulcan convergence and coexistence theme starts to play out?

Next week, we'll look at the Notes client and the new Notes browser plugin.