Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lotusphere 2012: Mobile, more Notes, and the shortest IBM product name ever

This contrasted with Pete Janzen, Domino App Dev Product Manager, said in the "Ask the Product Managers" session that there's not going to be any more work done on traditional Notes application development. App Dev futures for Domino are all XPages based.

What else is new? There's some Sametime, Connections, and Symphony news.


I didn't myself go to any Sametime sessions -- there's only so much you can get to at Lotusphere -- but looking at the available collateral I didn't see anything concrete new beyond the just-delivered Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 release.

There's a set of commitments to rounding out the mobile delivery portfolio particularly on iOS and Android, and some more Blackberry work. There's to be UI work, presumably to fit in with Project Vulcan needs. But beyond that, not much else was visible to me.


Connections 4 is either just in beta or just about to go into beta, and that will include Connections mail. There's also to be an OpenSocial container, so that all those new XPage widgets that you've started to write already can run there as well as in the Notes Social Edition.

Plus, there's a host of other changes in microblogging, communities, and a push to move Connections into the Business to Consumer space, too.


Depending on your viewpoint, Lotus Symphony is either dead, or is totally reborn.

It's no longer to be a fork of OpenOffice, now that Oracle have abandoned OpenOffice and donated it to Apache. I guess IBM were uncomfortable with working in the main fork while it was owned by a competitor, but now that barrier is gone, so Symphony will no longer be in rather uncomfortable competition with OpenOffice.

IBM intend to move their Symphony code back into the OpenOffice project, and continue to support and extend from there. There's to be an IBM edition of OpenOffice to sit alongside the standard Apache version, and this which will include the extensions to Notes, Quickr, Connections and so on, and an OpenSocial container, with everything that brings.

The online version of Symphony in LotusLive is to be revamped and renamed as IBM Docs -- also touted as the shortest IBM product name there's ever been.

Next week, we wrap up our Lotusphere 2012 coverage with our final Lotusphere observations. Here's a hint: IBM on the outside, Lotus on the inside.