Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lotusphere 2012: IBM on the outside, Lotus on the inside

Domino admins: make sure you understand all the latest Domino features including the IDVault, plugin and widget deployment and the Widget Catalog, and start to look at what it takes to manage a hybrid cloud/on-premises operation.

The innovation lab also showed a direction. Just about everything shown off in there this year was about the application of analytics to the things we use every day: our calendars, showing us how we spend our time, discovering who has what expertise in the organisation and even where we fit in the organisation's expertise catalog, as well as one example showing the application of analytics to legacy application data.

No doubt, as we've seen before, some of these ideas will surface into future versions of the products. One neat idea that I can certainly see a home for was the idea of an application-level VPN client, such that apps on a given device could simultaneously connect via different VPNs to different back-ends, improving access and security management while improving the mobile experience. One of those things that makes you wonder why it hadn't been thought of before.

So, by and large, Lotusphere 2012 met with and to an extent, exceeded my expectations, but fell badly short in the Closing session speaker. This featured "celebrity" (and I mean the quotes) chef Andrew Zimmern, who, as is often the case, nobody outside the US -- and indeed, nobody in the US except those that watch obscure TV channels -- has ever heard of. [Hey, I live in the US and watch a lot of obscure TV channels, and I've never heard of him, either. --Ed.]

I thought he was hugely over-egotistic, and even though I'm a meat-eater, I felt that his "cooking" (and I mean the quotes again) demonstration using live clams and a blowtorch was insensitive and just wrong, regardless of whether the audience contained vegetarians and vegans or not.

So on that sadly sour note, I'm done with Lotusphere 2012. See you at Lotusphere 2013, January 27-31.