Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lotus Awards deadline extended one week


By David Gewirtz

Winning a Lotus award is a big thing. It could be just the boost your business is looking for, and it's a point of pride for those companies that win. If you've been thinking about submitting your solution for the 2009 Lotus Awards, you're in luck. The deadline for the awards has been extended by one week.

"The new deadline is Friday, November 14, 2008, and you better get it in by 11:59PM Eastern time."

This year, there are three new categories:

  • Breakout Technology Award
  • IBM Lotus Partner Award, and
  • IBM Lotus Energy and Environment (Green) Award

To submit your application, visit the Lotus Awards site. And, as a reminder, if you actually want to win a Lotus Award, I strongly recommend reading the article I published a few weeks ago, How to win a Lotus Award. It has invaluable advice, not only from me, but from a bunch of other Lotus Award judges as well.