Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Links to help make you certifiable


By Dan Velasco

I just passed my ninth Lotus certification exam this past week and it got me to thinking about how valuable my Lotus certification is to me. Just three short years ago I was working as an administrative assistant, just starting to play with Lotus Notes and Domino. Since then I have literally doubled my income and have more self-confidence in my technical abilities than I've ever had before. And I owe it all to the Certified Lotus Professional program.

Have you ever been experienced?

Sure, there have been a lot of other things that have helped me in my career in addition to certification. Actually, writing for DominoPower has helped measurably. This isn't even a shameless plug. If you're interested in writing for DominoPower, contact Heather McDaniel at for more information.

Certification, however, is the best objective measure of my growth as a Lotus professional. It's helped me to overcome my dirty little secret, which you won't find out about unless you read all the way to the end of this article.

Here today, therefore, I am providing you with a list of five sites that can help you on your own road to becoming a Certified Lotus Professional.

Lotus Certification Site

The Lotus Certification Site, shown in Figure A, is the starting point for everything you want to know about Lotus certification. It provides links to more information about the different types of certification (CLS, CLP, CLI, and CLEI) as well as all the information you need to prepare and register for the different exams. For those of you who are already certified, be sure to check out the link on the left-hand menu to the CLP Salary Survey and the link on the right-hand bottom of the page that says "How Many Super Human CLPs Are There?" This will help you get perspective on how you stack up with other Lotus professionals around the world.


This site should be your first stop in your step for Lotus certification. (click for larger image)

Visit the Lotus Certification Site at

Lotus Education Site

After you've visited the certification site above and have gotten fired up about getting Lotus certification, go visit the Lotus Education site, shown in Figure B, to find the resources and training you need in order to pass the exams.


It's a little hard to get certified without the right information, and you'll find plenty of it here. (click for larger image)

One especially useful tool is the Worldwide Schedule, at, which you can use to research the training options that are available in your area. Keep in mind, however, that this information is not always necessarily up-to-date and accurate, so be sure and contact the Lotus Authorized Education Centers (LAECs) in your area directly for more information.