Sunday, November 1, 2009

It’s a wacky, wiki, wonderful world with Lotus wikis


By Joe Dolittle

It amazes me sometimes, just how much incredibly useful information there is on the Web. The challenge, of course, is finding it. When Dave and Denise started DominoPower back in 1998, there were almost no online Notes and Domino resources available. Now, there are over 300 blogs, nearly all of which provide exceptional value to the reader.

And while Lotus has always had helpful online resources, sometimes you really need to dig around to find the good stuff. I was talking to a developer the other day, a guy who'd been involved with Lotus products for years, and when I mentioned how helpful the Lotus wikis are, he looked at me, turned his head sideways, and asked, "Lotus has wikis?"

Lotus has a lot of wikis, and they're great. His question got me thinking, and I realized that we'd never spotlighted the Lotus wikis in DominoPower before. If Jamal hadn't heard of the Lotus wikis, maybe some of you hadn't either. And that's why, without further ado, I present you with some serious link love.

Here they are, the Lotus wikis:

Click in, contribute, learn, and enjoy!