Saturday, December 1, 2001

Integrating Domino with RightFax


In this edition of Letters to the Editor, a reader has a question about Domino and RightFax integration.

Domino and RightFax

I want to integrate Domino with RightFax. Do you know where can I find the steps for installation and configuration as I understand that they are well documented somewhere. I would like to know a few things before beginning the installation process and archive proper integration.

Thank you

Mir Zahir

Contributing Editor Steve Niles responds

In DominoPower's January 2001 issue, Gennady Kleyner, Chief Technology Officer at SAGG Computers and Electronics, Inc. (at, a value added reseller of RightFax, discussed this very issue. You can find the article at If any readers could offer additional information, please post your responses on the PowerBoards by following the link at the end of this article.