Thursday, April 1, 2004

How to open a secret view that shows all the user name variations on your Domino server


By David Gewirtz

There's a lot going on when Domino manages messages coming into a server from the Internet, via SMTP (Simple Message Transport Protocol). To determine which Domino user the message should be delivered to, Domino must do some interesting cross-matching between the Internet-style email address and the Person document in the Domino Directory.

To make this match, Domino consults the $Users view of the Domino Directory, shown in Figure A.


Here's a subset of the many accounts that route through our server, some of the names have been hidden to protect the innocent. (click for larger image)

The $Users view is a hidden, secret view that displays all the names in the Person documents, plus all of the user name variations, first names, last names, common names (CN), distinguished names (DN), short names, and soundex names.

In a sense, it's a big ol' symbol table.

Here's where it gets interesting. I showed you a screen shot of that view above in Figure A. But do you know how to get that view to show up? It's not normally visible to the Domino Adminstrator.

Here's the secret. Make sure you're in the Domino Directory. Hold down the Control key and the Shift key together, while at the same time selecting Go To from the View menu. You'll see a whole long list of hidden views (and yes, many of them are very interesting). Scroll down to the $Users view and open it.

There you go. This is especially useful if you're not sure if a user name alias you might have created is being processed by Domino. Open this view and if it's listed, it's being considered.