Friday, October 1, 1999

How risky is your country?


By Heather McDaniel

DominoPower's Site of the Month for October is Ducoire/Decredere of Belgium. Ducoire/Decredere is a company that covers risks related to exports, imports, and investments all over the globe.

The Ducoire/Decredere Web site was built on Domino 4.6. According to Project Manager Christophe Raucq, the advantage of using Domino 4.6 is that 90 percent of the documents are available dynamically.

This means that users in different departments can update documents, without going back to the site designer every time a change needs to be made.

The site's main service is the "Risk Country" section, shown in Figure A. This area shows what countries are risks for businesses.


The "Risk Country" section was built all on Domino 4.6. (click for larger image)

Christophe said that in order to create the maps of the different regions of the world, the developers used the MapInfo Corporation's MapInfo product combined with Europa Technologies' Global Insight Lite. Using both products allows the countries to be displayed in different colors, according to the different types of risk. The country-file data is updated in two ways:

  • Automatically by a program that takes the information from an AS/400. The program updates insurance possibilities and terms numbers for different countries.
  • Manually every three weeks by a departmental user who is responsible for the analysis of country risks. This is used only to update country risks.

An interactive simulation of Ducroire/Delcredere software has been set up for clients. The language used for the calculations is JavaScript.

To see how Domino is used on the Ducroire/Delcredere Web site and to see the interactive simulation, be sure to visit