Wednesday, March 1, 2000

How have we helped?


By David Gewirtz

As the head of a small company, I have many roles. Most of you have gotten to know me as the Editor-in-Chief of DominoPower, where my job is to determine editorial direction, manage the editorial staff, and write industry analysis and editorials.

"I'm looking for great, one or two paragraph statements about how much you like DominoPower."

I've been very active in another of my jobs: that of company Chairman. In that role, I'm working with investment bankers, financial, and legal advisors. As we try to grow ZATZ (and we've grown 174% in Internet revenues in the past year - all on our own fuel), one of the rites of passage is the creation of an up-to-date business plan.

In theory, a business plan is a document that helps map out where the company is going, its markets, direction, competition, financial structure, and the like. It's meant to be a guide for managers and it's meant to be a guide for prospective investors. In reality, a business plan is also a marketing document. It's a tool that helps investors see our vision, learn about our successes, and experience our dream. It's also a tool that's supposed to make them believe they'll become filthy rich if they just invest a few million here and a few million there. (I never liked the term "filthy rich". I always figured that if I got sufficiently wealthy, I'd still continue to take regular showers. Seriously, though, I frankly don't think there's anything inherently dirty about money