Saturday, June 1, 2002

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By Joe Dolittle

Have you ever wished that your Notes Views would be interactive and come alive? Instead of dealing with static and immoveable data, imagine the productivity gain if you could drag and drop columns to create groups, summarize, and do analytics on data. And imagine if you could print Views with headers, footers, and paginations!

Well, you can now do this with IntelliVIEW for Lotus Notes, an analytics tool from Cybernet Software Systems Inc. (at

IntelliVIEW for Notes transposes data from static Notes views to a spreadsheet-like grid where operations such as grouping, sorting, filtering, counting, querying, computing, etc. can be performed to analyze data. Reports can be printed directly from IntelliVIEW for Notes and exported to Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, or text format.

IntelliVIEW is designed to make it easy for business users to create reports quickly without any programming effort. It's a useful tool to analyze and profile customer, sales, market, and financial data seen in Notes Views.

Here's some info on how the program works and an overview of its main features.


IntelliVIEW can be installed very simply by running the installer from the Notes database file. Install has language options for English, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese. It supports the East European character set as well.

On installation, IntelliVIEW for Lotus Notes becomes a menu item in the Notes Actions menu and can be launched from here. It has two components: the Column Designer/Format Manager and the IntelliVIEW Grid/Client.

Example database

We considered the Sales database shipped with the product and selected the "Sales By Month" view. The columns in the View are Month, Sales Person, Customer, Product details, Sales Value, Start date, and Cost of sales. We decided to do a By Region analysis for which a View was not available in the sample database.

Creating and saving a report Format

IntelliVIEW for Notes works on the current Notes database. The Column Designer helps select the columns you want in the report. You can use the Default option and click on the IntelliVIEW icon to generate the report in the grid in a single click.