Sunday, December 1, 2002

Get things moving with TurboGold Enterprise Edition


By Steve Niles

Dayton, Ohio based Stampede Technologies, Inc. (at has been marketing its TurboGold family of software products for years. The technology is designed to accelerate the performance of applications running on a Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environment by up to five times, in order to lower telecommunication costs, increase productivity, and improve bandwidth.

Back in September, Stampede Technologies announced that they had released an enterprise edition of their TurboGold software, and we've chosen to spotlight the new release as DominoPower's Product of the Month. TurboGold Enterprise Edition is compatible with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino versions from 4.5 and above, including ND6. The technology is designed to improve on enterprise-wide data movement, data storage, data control, and Web acceleration.

The design of TurboGold Enterprise Edition incorporates services for setting policies for replication and synchronization, Web acceleration, multicasting, and database priority assignments. It's also designed to enable you to distribute the policies throughout the network.

The quality of service definition screen, pictured in Figure A, allows you to assign a logical name to a TCP port number (i.e., high priority).


The quality of service definition screen assigns a logical name to a TCP port number. (click for larger image)

The pull down menu that you see on the right hand side is a list of quality of service definitions that the user has already defined.

The Database policy definition screen, pictured in Figure B, allows you to define a database policy that you can then broadcast to replicated databases.


The Database policy definition screen allows you to define a database policy. (click for larger image)

The "inherit" functions allow you to inherit the policy from whatever the higher authority is.

TurboGold has some other helpful features:

  • Online, real-time HTTP Web acceleration supports iNotes, QuickPlace, and HTML applications;
  • It converts databases and email attachments to Zip format to reduce storage requirements (also provided is a standalone utility to zip existing databases and attachments on Domino servers);
  • It has a Multicator function that uses the multicasting capability of the network infrastructure to simultaneously broadcast updates to all database subscribers, instead of replicating updates to each subscriber;
  • It includes a traffic shaping management tool designed to enable administrators to assign priorities to Notes traffic, as well as track and charge bandwidth usage by user and/or departments.

TurboGold's client runs on all Windows 32-bit platforms. TurboGold's server runs on Windows NT, 2000, and XP as well as IBM's iSeries, pSeries, and zSeries platforms.