Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Flash resources and troubleshooting


The following letters were written in response to Razzak Khan's article, "Putting some Flash into your Domino applications," in the January 2001 issue of DominoPower at http://www.dominopower.com/issues/issue200101/flash001.html.

Looking for Flash resources

I've just been reading your articles on Domino and Flash. Are there some resources that you could suggest, such as sites that have already incorporated this, that I could look at?

Kree Govender
IDCS IT Senior Systems Developer

Razzak Khan responds

I guess the main one that comes to mind is http://www.lotus.com.au (the Australian Lotus site).

I'm currently building raz786.com (not on the Web yet but here is the URL: http://esnaweb12.esnanet.com/razkhan/raz786.nsf).

It's definitely difficult to tell which sites are using Flash with Domino, as you would first need to find out if they use Domino as their Web server. And not all webheads like publishing this information.

Notwithstanding this, I know a number of users using Flash for their intranet sites. I have answered a number of support queries on the subject from around the world. I will certainly let readers know as I come across more of these sites that are on the Internet.

I hope this helps in answering your question. And I'm hoping my article will help users move out and try Flash on their current sites so that we have more Domino with Flash sites.

Kree Govender responds to the response

Thanks for the speedy and informative response. I'm playing around with Domino and Flash, and it's proving to be quite beneficial.

Your article was very informative and clears up much of the smoke surrounding the topic.

Thanks again!
Kree Govender

Flash fizzling

I had just gone through your instructions regarding the use of Flash on Domino Web sites. I put the SWF (Shockwave File Extension) file in the image resource and used the below HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) on the page for calling that file.


But when I run this in Internet Explorer, nothing happens.

Could you help me more in regards to this?

Thank you,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense and Aviation

Razzak Khan responds

There are a few things to keep in mind: the location of your database on the server and how you've referenced this location to your image resource file.

Below is some of the HTML code from raz786.com.

There is a database with the file name raz786.nsf, which isn't in the root Lotus Notes Server data directory, but in the folder ..&#92raz786 under the data directory.


<EMBED src="/razkhan/raz786.nsf/raz786b.swf"

You'll notice in the code above that I've had to make adjustments to accommodate my reference to the Image Resource to the location of the database.