Friday, October 1, 2004

Expanding IBM Lotus’ email portfolio with Express Messaging


By Arthur Fontaine

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have unique needs in an email system. Of course they have the same goals of reliability and productivity as large enterprises do, but typically SMBs have fewer dedicated resources to support the email infrastructure.

This ongoing tension between resources and requirements makes it difficult for vendors to design products that are easy for SMBs to purchase, implement and administer, yet still deliver world-class feature and function.

For customers, the result often falls short. The costs of an adequate feature set are intensive administration requirements, excessive email and calendar downtime, repeated security attacks and patches, lengthy backup and restore cycles, exactly the things that SMBs don't have resources to absorb in the first place.

Yet tens of thousands of happy SMBs worldwide don't suffer these problems, because they use IBM Lotus Domino as email and group calendar infrastructure. Many go a step further and deploy Domino document applications that solve real business problems.

These SMB customers probably know that Domino is an enterprise-grade solution, but all they care is that it delivers the mail and keeps the schedule, 24/7, can accommodate all kinds of business and usage scenarios, and has never propagated a major email-borne virus.

In fact, Domino is the largest selling SMB product at IBM due to performance and characteristics like these.

Affordable business-grade messaging made just for SMBs

Building on its SMB success, IBM Lotus software has created Domino Express. This family of Domino products is priced and packaged for organizations with 1000 or fewer employees.

As part of the IBM Express initiative, Domino Express has passed the same rigorous certification as scores of other IBM Express hardware and software offerings. Through the certification process, specific improvements in installation, administration, and use have been made for Domino Express -- and in fact have been implemented across the Domino family.