Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Enabling and disabling the single login setting in Notes 6


By Dan Velasco

One of the neat new features of Notes 6 is the ability to set your operating system login to also be your Notes login. What this means is that you can just login to Windows once when you start your computer and then be able to access Notes 6 without having to type a password again. This feature can be installed when you install Notes and can be enabled or disabled easily from the client. To disable/enable this feature go to File-->Security-->User Security, type in your password, and then check or uncheck the box titled "Login to Notes using your operating system login."

Usually your Notes administrator will help setup and configure this feature for you, but if you find yourself without such resources and keep getting weird warnings saying your Windows login and Notes password are out of sync, this is probably the cause. For instance, I first installed this feature when I began testing Lotus Notes 6 but later disabled it because I didn't want to use it anymore. Also keep in mind when you use this feature that it is best for a user that uses only a single ID with a single location. If you often have to use multiple IDs and switch between a lot of different locations you might not want to use this feature.

Dan Velasco is a Senior Technical Editor for DominoPower Magazine and occasional contributor to PalmPower Magazine. He is also a Principal CLP Application Developer (R4, R5 and ND6) as well as a CLP System Administrator (R4 and R5). You can reach him via email at dvelasco@dominopower.com or on the Web at http://DanVelasco.com.