Thursday, February 1, 2001

DominoPower’s Best of Lotusphere 2001 Awards


By David Gewirtz

One of the highlights of our year is January's Lotusphere in Orlando. Now, to be fair, the fact that the show's in Orlando in the middle of winter would make it a highlight regardless of the topic. But because it's Lotusphere, we get to go and hang out with all our Notes and Domino buddies, see the newest and greatest cool stuff, and have a lot of fun. Plus, there are hot tubs. To someone living in New Jersey (with two feet of snow on the ground when we left for Orlando), the hot tubs are the icing on the cake.

Most of you know that we like to keep DominoPower pretty tightly focused. Each issue, we make sure there's some real, serious meat on Notes and Domino you can chew on for the rest of the month. But we've discovered something over the years. Most of our readers have a lighter side. On the whole, you're serious professionals, but you're also cool. This means that our more light-hearted coverage of Lotusphere is always a big hit, and our party reports and photo essays often turn out to be the hit of the post-Lotusphere issue.

And so, this year, we introduce DominoPower's Best of Lotusphere 2001 Awards. Before we go on to give out the awards, I have a confession to make. I originally titled the award series the eBusiness Best of Lotusphere Awards because I thought calling them the eBOLAs would be quite a kick. But, as often happens after I propose a new idea, I was informed that using the name "eBOLA" was in some amount of poor taste.

Such is the life of an editor.

Judging rules

Unlike the Beacon Awards (which, among other things, require the recipients to dress up and wear "cocktail attire"), the DominoPower Best of Lotusphere Awards are judged solely by our senior editors. This means that anything (yes, absolutely anything) is fair game for an award. That's going to make this article quite an interesting read.

This year, the judges were Senior Technical Editors Dan Velasco (his name's first because he submitted his article first) and Richard Echeandia, as well as yours truly. Each of us gets to choose our own categories and up to five winners. You'll note that none of us actually kept to that limit. So much for rules. Like I said, it'll be an interesting read.

The DominoPower Best of Lotusphere Award banner

Before we begin our award ceremony, I'd like to show you, in Figure A, the lovely banner that DominoPower Best of Lotusphere Award winners will be entitled to display.


If you're listed below, you're entitled to display this lovely banner. Aren't you special?