Saturday, November 1, 2003

Domino Unplugged plugs into the blog world


By David Gewirtz

Back in July, I wrote an article called "Get your blog on," at In it, I mentioned that while I'd been following the growth of blogging for some time, I was surprised to find a rather intense pocket of Notes and Domino-related and hosted blogs out there. Given that Domino is a great document management system, it should have come as no surprise that there'd be Domino-based blogs, but, for me at least, the surprise was still there.

Since that time, I've found more and more Domino-based blogs. One such blog, assembled using DomBlog from CodeStore (at is Domino Unplugged. Given that we publish Computing Unplugged and my personal Web site is called "David Gewirtz Unplugged," I have a particular fondness for Rob Wunderlich's Domino Unplugged.

Like many blogs, Rob's has a nice mix of method and resource. He often talks about Notes and Domino-related information, as he does in his "About" section, in discussions about connecting BlackBerry handhelds to Notes, and in discussions of developer conferences. Mixed is is a list of devices he has a level of technolust for, as well as a useful page of links -- though that page sadly misses both DominoPower and Computing Unplugged.

Rob's pages appear to be updated every few days and have that nice conversational style we've come to associate with blogs.

I'd like to have more coverage on blogs in DominoPower, so if you'd like to write an article on any aspect of this fascinating topic, please contact me directly at