Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Domino tipoff: information delivered to your inbox


By Dan Velasco

This article is for those of you who want to make sure that you are getting the maximum amount of Domino tips and information delivered directly to your inbox. I'll assume, of course, that you've already signed up for one of the best Domino tip newsletters available, DominoPower Tips, available at http://www.dominopower.com. Hey, who in their right mind wouldn't sign up for great tips and a chance to win a free robot?

But there are many other great sources of Domino-related information out there as well. This month's @DbColumn is devoted to showing you Lotus Notes/Domino newsletters that you can sign up for that will keep Domino information streaming straight into your inbox all the time. I personally have signed up to receive tips from all of the following sites and want to share that information with you here today.

Lotus411 (DominoTips)

Lotus411 and DominoTips, shown in Figure A, are both run by the same company, Network Marketing International. You can sign up to receive tip newsletters that are targeted for developers, administrators and/or decision makers. This is one of the most reliable and valuable tip newsletters you'll find anywhere.


Lotus411 (DominoTips) sends out a tried and true tip newsletter you must sign up for. (click for larger image)

While the Lotus411 site remains one of the supreme Lotus Notes/Domino portals, the DominoTips site focuses on tips as well as news related to the groupware industry. The tip archive, which you can access either through Lotus411 or DominoTips, is the most extensive that I have found anywhere. On my last visit in early February they had over 270 developer tips and over 30 administration tips. Both Lotus411 and DominoTips are sites that demand a laptop, a recliner, a long phone cord and at least a couple of hours set aside to browse through the contents.

Visit Lotus411 at http://www.lotus411.com and http://www.dominotips.com, and sign up for their newsletter at http://www.lotus411.com/register.


SearchDomino, shown in Figure B, boasts that the tips that they include in their newsletter come from the publishers of The View, which is probably all the reason you need to sign up for it.


SearchDomino will send you regular news updates that will keep you on top of the latest Lotus news. (click for larger image)

To get the newsletter, you'll first need to register with the site. SearchDomino tips, like those from Advisor, are broken down into three categories: Domino Developer, Domino Administrator, and Domino Careers. I especially like receiving their career tips because they are unique to SearchDomino and they help to motivate me to continually develop my skills.

In addition to the tip newsletters, by registering with SearchDomino you will automatically receive email notifications that keep you informed about the latest updates to the SearchDomino site. From my experience, the news update email comes out several times a week and is invaluable in helping to keep up with the latest news about Lotus and the groupware industry in general.