Saturday, June 1, 2002

Domino-designed Web site features Bulgarian real estate


By Steve Niles

Looking to settle down on a nice piece of property in Bulgaria? IMOTI BG could help you out.

IMOTI BG Ltd is a consultation service for the real estate market in the Republic of Bulgaria. The company specializes in management and realization of foreign and Bulgarian investments and lists among its clients a considerable number of foreign companies having interest in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. With its competence in the field of Bulgarian legislation with respect to the legal systems of other countries, the company manages to "effectuate consultation and mediation activities in favor of foreign physical and juridical persons."

IMOTI BG Ltd came to my attention not because I'm shopping around for a nice little Bulgarian fixer-upper, but because its Web site was designed using Domino. As such, I've selected it as June's DominoPower Site of the Month. You can find the site at, though English speakers may prefer to visit the English version of the site at It's pictured in Figure A.


Find your Bulgarian dream house with IMOTI BG. (click for larger image)

IMOTI BG Ltd is part of the national system for real estate. Offers gathered from the national system for real estate are listed on its Web site. A simple search feature is included to help you sort through the various offers.

The offers on the English variant of the site are a little different, however. The offers for this variant are made to be managed online through a specific secure page, where you can add, delete, or edit documents. In this secure page, there's statistical information for the visitors of the page related to what they're looking for. That page is designed only for the "owner" of the page.

So, if you've always dreamed of a nice bungalo with a view of the Black Sea, or if you'd just like to see a nicely designed Web site using Domino, check out