Friday, December 1, 2006

Deleting corrupt icons may save your Notes database


By David Gewirtz

A few weeks ago, in "Before you reinstall the Notes client, try this", we discussed some ways to clear up problems dealing with mail files.

In response, Marleen Overkamp, a senior application developer with Exedra Solutions in The Netherlands, had these interesting suggestions:

In my experience, problems like this may be caused by a corrupt database icon or bookmark. Especially if the problem only occurs for one user on one workstation. Deleting bookmark.nsf, cache.ndk, and desktop6.ndk will certainly solve the problem, but the user looses his bookmarks and database icons.
Deleting only the database icon and/or bookmark for the problem database and compacting the workspace may already solve the problem.
As an example of what corrupt database icons can do, back in the R4 days, I had a user for who a certain button in a certain custom application suddenly stopped working. There were no design changes of the application etc, and for me (and other users) the button worked normally.
It was still visible to the user, but clicking it did not do anything. Removing the database icon, compacting the workspace and adding the icon again solved the problem. One month later, the same problem occurred again... (the user in question used that particular button very often).

Thanks Marleen. If you've got some interesting approach to fixing Notes databases, send me a note at