Monday, February 1, 1999

Cycom Inc.’s Lotus Notes Page


By Heather McDaniel

DominoPower's Site of the Month for February 1999 goes to Cycom, Inc.'s Lotus Notes Page. It isn't the prettiest site on the Internet, but it does contain links that are useful to Lotus Notes developers and users.

This Lotus Notes Page, shown in Figure A, has links to discussion groups, training opportunities, jobs. It also has a series of links to articles on agents and agent managers. The site suggests several books available through Amazon including a reader favorite: "Lotus Notes Certification: Application Development and System Administration." Site visitors can also voice their opinions about last month's Lotusphere and the upcoming release of R5.


Cycom Inc.'s Lotus Notes Page recommends Lotus Notes books and provides links to several great Notes resources. (click for larger image)

Cycom also provides links to Travelocity's Fare Finder, Universal Currency Converter, and MapBlast. The link to MapBlast allows you to enter an address to a certain destination and MapBlast will get directions for you.

Take a look at Cycom Inc.'s Lotus Notes Page at