Thursday, May 1, 2003

Computer services site has Down Under flavor


By Steve Niles

May's DominoPower Site of the Month belongs to Asia/Pacific Computer Services, and you can find it at It's pictured in Figure A.


Asia/Pacific Computer Services is full of useful information links. (click for larger image)

Tony Austin of Asia/Pacific Computer Services explained that he wanted a site that "was serious but a bit different in style and content." He wanted the site to offer something unique and have something of a "Down Under" flavor.

Austin has been in IT for over 33 years, having spent more than 22 of those years with IBM Australia. He's worked with Notes since the R3 days in 1993 and used to be an IBM System/38 and later an AS/400 "fanatic." He then became a Notes fanatic, and thinks that Domino on iSeries is the "best of all possible worlds (although only recognized as such by a relatively small band of the cognoscenti)."

Austin developed a toolkit called NotesTracker, which is available at the Asia/Pacific Computer Services Web site. NotesTracker is a "universal enabler" for database usage tracking and effectiveness monitoring. It works in both the Notes Client and the Web browser environments.

Austin has also begun to offer a couple of freeware Notes applications (SDMS and CAPTURE) "just to give a bit back to the Notes and Domino community."

You can learn more about Asia/Pacific Computer Services by visiting either or