Monday, April 1, 2002

Cascading Style Sheets make you look good


By Andrew Stuart

You've spent months working on your software. You've worked weekends, early mornings, and late nights. Uncountable problems have been solved. Huge numbers of cool features and functions were added. Myriad bugs were hunted down and mercilessly executed. You're certain that your software is awesome and meets all of the client requirements exactly. The software architecture is right. The back end has been implemented cleanly. Your software is fast and scalable. In fact, your software solution is so good that the client will surely jump for joy when they get their grubby hands on it.

The big day comes, and the client is ushered in to the boardroom to see the fruits of your labor. The door is shut, the blinds drawn, the lights switched off. On comes the projector, and there on the wall is displayed your creation. Your vision. Your baby. You give the full demonstration. You point out all the features and functions. You deliver the grand tour.

Half an hour later the software demonstration comes to an end. Your face beams with pleasure and anticipation. Surely the client will be excited, thrilled, glowing with pleasure. Perhaps clapping their hands with delight, or even cheering! The client may write a letter of commendation to the company about your superb work. The boss will surely give you a hearty slap on the back and maybe even a pay rise.

On come the lights and you turn to receive your accolades, ready to graciously accept the praise and admiration of everyone in the room. But wait