Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Career-building secret weapons


By Denise Amrich

Our fearless leader, Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz, recently wrote a PalmPower magazine editorial about the economy, at http://www.palmpower.com/issues/issue200104/ppeditorial0401001.html, and it really touched the hearts and minds of readers. We received several responses to it, which you can read at http://www.palmpower.com/issues/issue200105/pplte0501001.html. One reader even called David brilliant, which made him insufferable for days.

The gist of his premise was that the economy was structurally sound, and that we just need to shore up our defenses a little and stay positive and focused.

Recessions, fundamentally, are caused by people freaking out.

Throughout the years, we've been honored to meet thousands of Notes and Domino professionals--through DominoPower, at Lotusphere, and at other events. Each of you is creative, vibrant, intelligent, highly employable, and resourceful, and you are all more than capable of achieving success in your lives and not letting an itsy bitsy little recession send you sprawling.

So, this month's issue of DominoPower is all about career power. We decided to do our part to counteract all the doom and gloom we've been hearing lately about the economy by providing some resources for all you wonderful and talented people. A little proactive effort can go a long way toward sending career anxiety packing.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's easy to be a little nervous when you see newspaper articles about companies like Dell announcing 4,000 layoffs. But that reflects the lowered costs of computers and more competition. Yeah, there are some high-tech jobs being lost, in many cases due to dot-com idiocy, as opposed to any fundamental problem in the economy. Even so, there are tons of jobs available.

At the time of this writing, dice.com, this months' DominoPower Site of the Month, has 1,391 jobs available for Notes and Domino professionals and over 80,000 other available jobs. And that's just one site. There are plenty of other sites with job openings.

Some people lose their jobs and can't find jobs that demand their current skillsets. But learning can counter that. Take a five-minute break and check out the exciting new contest we devised in order to encourage you to learn more about our fabulous advertisers, the official DominoPower Magazine Scavenger Hunt. The prize is a great professional development opportunity, a free course of up to $500 from The Learning Continuum Company. Special thanks go to Howard Greenberg at The Learning Continuum Company for providing such an uplifting prize. We've reviewed a number of Howard's courses, and they've been consistently rated as excellent.