Tuesday, November 1, 2005

An interview with David Engasser on Lotus Notes calendaring


By David Gewirtz

Last week, I had the opportunity to learn more about the Notes developer's perspective from David Engasser, Software Development Manager for Logic Springs Technologies, a well-known Lotus Lotus Business Partner.

Although recently at DominoPower, most of our interviews have been with senior IBM executives, we've been wanting to shine the light of editorial coverage on the intrepid Notes and Domino developers who make the Lotus community as strong as it is.

In this in-depth question and answer session, David Engasser discusses calendaring in Notes and Domino. And yes, if you've been keeping track, this is the second David-on-David interview in a row. Our last was between me and IBM's David Marshak. We promise, our next interview will be with someone who's not a David!

David Gewirtz:

Tell us about yourself and what your role is at Logic Springs.

David Engasser:

I've been in the IT field since 1991 as a programmer working in just about every environment from mainframes to client server. I joke with people that I 'speak' twelve languages, only one of which humans can understand. I have been with Logic Springs for 11 years and am currently the software development manager. I mentor a team of really talented engineers working on a myriad of projects, one of which is Department Calendar.

David Gewirtz:

I can totally identify with the language thing. I used to use the same joke. Trying to explain Fortran, Algol, and Lisp, not to mention SNOBOL, was always amusing. Do people look at you with as much confusion as they do me when I mention obscure languages? Anyway, let's get back to the Q&A. How did Logic Springs get started?

David Engasser:

Logic Springs Technologies became a Lotus Business Partner in 1991 to assist companies with deploying Lotus Notes. In 1992, we realized the potential impact Lotus Notes could make in an organization, and made a key business decision to focus all of our efforts on Lotus Notes. In mid 1992, we developed our first horizontal Notes application suite, CoreApps, for sales to the growing base of companies deploying Notes.

Logic Springs Technologies' business was divided into two divisions. A consulting division assists companies with planning, custom application development, education, as well as integration and deployment services for Lotus Notes and Domino. Plus, we created a product development division which produced CoreApps and some custom vertical solutions.