Sunday, November 1, 2009

A great Notes and Domino .ini online reference


By Joe Dolittle

We got a fun email this week from Bastian Wieczorek in Dortmund, Germany. Bastain tells us:

I wish to get this famous "DOMINOPOWER SITE OF THE MONTH" award for my website ;-).
The Web site lists all known (and a lot of unknown too) notes.ini options. There exist also a tool on the website which allows you to analyze your Notes.ini file and/or compare it with another Notes.ini file.

How could we deny Bastain's quest for fame, especially when he does have quite the rockin' Notes.ini database? In fact, it's the Notes.ini reference that convinced us to make his site a DominoPower Site of the Month, as shown in Figure A.


We give Bastain Wieczorek's site the "famous" DominoPower Site of the Month award.

We decided to give him a quick test, though. As you know, there are new .ini settings introduced with most releases of Notes and Domino. Some of the more obscure for Release 8.5.1 are the iNotes options INOTES_WA_DISABLE_WEBSTYLE_SEARCH and iNOTES_WA_EnableOpenLinkInEditor. So we checked them out.

As you can see in Figure B, Bastain does indeed show these new .ini items in his database.


You can find almost anything you want at Bastain's .ini reference. (click for larger image)

We particularly liked the "by release" and "by category" reference options and fully expect to be visiting the "by category" database on a regular basis ourselves.

And so, that's why we give Bastain Wieczorek's site the "famous" DominoPower Site of the Month award.