Wednesday, September 1, 1999

1999 Ryder Cup


By Heather McDaniel

Every two years, The Ryder Cup pits the best golfers from the United States and Europe against each other in a battle to win the cup, and above all, national pride. With the European side winning the past two competitions, Tiger Woods and company are looking for revenge at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts on September 24-26.

I know, I know. You're probably asking "What does Tiger Woods have to do with Notes and Domino?"

Well, here's your answer: IBM, and Ryder Cup, Ltd. have built an in-depth Web site for this year's competition.

No matter what side of the Atlantic you're from, the Official Ryder Cup Web site has a place for you. Once you visit the home page, you can choose your team's site, either Europe or the United States. For the United States, you can get all of the latest news, information, history, and as shown in Figure A, a preview of each hole on the golf course. The same is true if you chose the European team.


Here's what the 16th Hole at The Country Club looks like. (click for larger image)

A couple of neat features in the site are the CourseCam, developed by IBM, and the News Pages, which are run by Notes and Domino.

IBM's CourseCam application captures still images from the live broadcast television feed of Holes 11-18. The application then converts them to JPEG format, creates thumbnail images, and sends them to the Web servers, which are IBM RS/6000 SPs. This will enable fans online to see images from the action taking place at The Country Club.

The News Pages will have interviews with the players, articles, and updates from journalists and golf professionals.

If you can't get to The Country Club to witness the event, be sure to follow all of the Ryder Cup action at