Wednesday, February 6, 2013

IBM Heralds The Mainstreaming of (Not Social) Business in Orlando

I was at IBM Connect 2013 last week in Orlando. A wonderful experience where IBM brought together partners, customers, suppliers (also known as consultants and system integrator and analysts.

It was a good event from many perspectives, but I want to highlight three things I noticed in the time I was there:(Social) Business is Now Mainstream

Back in the old days we would define mainstream as ~30% adoption in the overall market (which means across verticals, industries, functions, and company sizes). If you don't have market numbers to quantify adoption, you can refer to mainstream as the inflection point where early adopters are not the exceptional users and most organization have taken to understand, adopt, and implement a technology or concept.

IBM gave us some great case studies on stage during the event (starting with a community-driven art project called that was a great example of how to leverage an online community to build a business) across industries and sizes. I also talked to a whole slew of organizations, different sizes and different industries, that shared with me their work and their plans. I can honestly say that the concept of leveraging online communities for business has gotten to be mainstream even though understanding the use cases needs some time to get better.

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